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Followers — the required type of promotion. Followers are the main indicator of an account's credibility

Proper promotion of high-quality followers is not an easy process. And you should trust its professionals. After all, surely each of you has faced a mass unfollows after a low-quality promotion. In our service there are different options to increase followers, including the guarantees of further unfollows.
The number of followers allows you to show the authority of the account. After all, any audience is more loyal to accounts with a large number of followers. In this regard, you will get more useful followers and profitable offers!

Likes are the first thing that an Instagram user pays attention to when they visit your page

Likes allow posts to rise to the top by hashtags and get into the user recommendations. Thanks to our service, being in the top is now elementary and simple, it's enough to get a few thousand likes for a post.
The standard of account quality is the number of likes of at least 10% of the number of subscribers for each publication. If there are fewer likes on the post, this account causes distrust among users.

Views — the number of views of videos and other publications is one of the main factors of the live audience in your account

Views are similar likes on video. The number of views directly depends on the number of real ones subscribers to your page. If the number of followers is large, and views under the video is small, it becomes clear that most of the subscribers are bots!
Views are a very important indicator, they should always be more than likes. If there aren't enough views under the video, it's immediately makes it clear that there is not enough live audience on the page

The number of comments is the primary indicator of live audience of your account

The most difficult type of promotion is comments. They affect the page ranking and the page authority for users. You can easily get to the top of hashtags and geo tags by having enough comments.
Users are usually more likely to comment posts that have comments already. Post is more attracitve with more comments for casual users and your followers.

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